The origin of Vadath family is traced back to one Mr. Villyath Mattathil Mathu living in a place called Nechoorkara in Maneed panchayath of Muvattupuzha thaluk and Ernakulam district of Kerala, after marrying a lady named Padathuveettil Mariyam from the nearby place Ramamangalam kara, got settled in between AD 980 and 990 in Vadathu purayidam at Vettitharakkara falling in the same panchayath with the family name ‘Vadath’. It is his children and generations who are present in today’s Vadath family.

Vadath family, spread over an area of 2 kilometer square at the western side of Muvattupuzha River, were mainly engaged in farming in the early ages. They cultivated paddy, sugarcane, tapioca etc. along with many other vegetables.

The ancestors generally got the basic education from the local in-house private teachers called ‘Aashan’ in that time. There was only one Govt. Lower Primary School at Ezhakkaranad in the area for education in the primary level. For higher level education they had to travel by foot to the nearby places of Vadavukod, Kolenchery, Vadakara etc. It was in 1960’s they got the facility for college level education with the founding of St. Peters College at Kolenchery.

As the years pass by the families and members are being settled far and wide due to work and education, and many those working abroad, a regular family gathering was thought to be essential in order to strengthen and maintain the relations among the members. And thus, in April 1988 a decision was taken in a family meeting to form a family trust by election of office bearers. The main objective of the trust will be to organize regular get-togethers every year in one of the families besides implementing other activities and programs including charity to strengthen the overall relations among the members.

Purely relying on God’s grace, along with the rich and glowing faith inherited from the fore fathers, it is hoped that this family trust and the gatherings will help to bring up love and unity among the members.
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